You may find these funny…

My book as you may have seen will be launched on Saturday 20th November. It’s called Cathas and the Squirrel Incident. I thought you may like a preview to some of what I perceive as funny snippets from this book.

The Squirrel Incident is based on a true event. Our ginger tom, Cathas, did actually catch a squirrel. He was intimidated by one of our Jack Russels -Lizzy – and tried to hide the fact that he had caught one. His flattery towards Lizzy didn’t pay off. He calls her pretty; he offers her the tail of the rodent or a coat for her mother. Cathas repeatedly tells her the tail would suit her pretty face. After everything goes pear shaped, he tells her she isn’t pretty and runs for his life after describing her as looking like the back of a… you will have to read it to find out.

Phoebe loves food, especially gravy. She comes across as a little bit dipsy but she is very sweet and wouldn’t hurt a fly or anyone. Whenever there is talk of food Phoebe’s ears stand up as there could be a chance she is getting something. When Lizzy questions her about the incessant referral to food, Phoebe calmly tells her she is a ‘conifer’ of food. Lizzy, of course, knows what she means. Also, Phoebe’s beard comes in handy when having gravy; the beard acts as a safety net in case any gravy should have ideas of escaping.

These are just a couple of anecdotes I thought of without giving too much away.

Order your copy of Cathas and The Squirrel Incident here.

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