The Launch

Yes, the day is almost here for the launching of my first children’s book. The day is Saturday 20thNovember 2021 which is also my birthday. I think this calls for a double celebration although I am not disclosing my age! All I will say is I am as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth! 

The book ‘Cathas and the Squirrell Incident’ has taken me a while to produce but you could say save the best ‘till last! 

I have tried to make the book informative as well as humorous and actually illustrated it myself. I should point out, although you will notice when you purchase the book, I am not an illustrator! Quite a bit of my time was taken up with the knitting of the Peace family and the pets too. 

When I read a copy to my three granddaughters, they appeared to be very impressed but this may be because their nanna wrote it! 

The stories about their infamous cat Cathas are actually true. He was a spiteful puss and he was ginger. He would get up to all sorts of naughtiness, stealing other cats kills and bringing home live rats! 

So as to give an entertainment value to the stories I told my children, I created different accents for all the pets. Cathas was Spanish, Lizzie a Londoner, Phoebe was from Yorkshire and George very intelligent with a posh English accent.  The children would love to hear about the capers Cathas would get up to and found the accents funny.  Speaking with a Yorkshire accent, meant that Phoebe would only respond on hearing it. 

Although my children have grown up, they still hold the memories of those story days dear. I hope the children of today enjoy them as much as they did.

Order your copy of Cathas and the Squirrel Incident here:

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