Frustration followed by excitement! 

Frustration boils down to the fact my daughter still has an ongoing saga about her ankle. You may remember (if you read my blog from a few weeks ago) she fell down steps at the railway station on her way to football. She spent 12 hours in agony before anything was done. Well, actually, nothing was done!! After two x-rays and one MRI scan (which incidentally has been lost), she is still hobbling along on her crutches. She has returned to work but obviously can’t drive so “Mummy” is now her chauffeur. This means I get up at 6.45am so I can drop her off in Fleet for 8.30. I love my daughter very much, in fact, more than life, but I can’t see an end to the foot saga!

Now for the excitement. If you read my blog a couple of weeks ago (maybe more) you would have read about my children’s book, ‘Cathas and the Squirrel Incident’ heading for the market. Well, the first copy arrived on my doormat on Monday. I sat my granddaughter down and read it to her. She appeared to enjoy it and laughed at the relevant sentences. Although the illustrations are child~like, they are just what I wanted, hence I drew them myself. My mentor, Eloise De Sousa, has been my ‘hinge pin’ and although she is very ill, she is still there for me sorting everything out. She put my book together matching the illustrations to the story line. I feel so guilty expecting her to help when she must feel so tired and weak. She is still trying to help young writers to continue with their ideas and continues to teach (EDS Writers).

Cathas and the Squirrel Incident is having its final tweaks and it should be ready for Christmas so please keep checking for the release date. It will be on sale on Amazon – it’s going global and I just hope the world is ready for me!

Anyway, I thought I would share my frustrations and my excitement with you all and sign off as Tessa Bremner, Childrens Author.

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