A More Cheerful Blog

I wasn’t going to write a blog this week but, my mentor, EDS, has again helped me to decide, so I will tell you all about my little book. Before you search for what could be a more interesting blog, just read on a little further you may be pleasantly surprised.

“My Book” as I have probably mentioned before are stories about the pets we have owned and my little make-believe family, Mr and Mrs Peace. Eloise and I sat together one morning and set a scene in which the dogs and cat spoke to the camera. Although I am known for talking for England, I found myself feeling quite embarrassed making the stuffed woolly animals speak. There wasn’t a script and I didn’t have the opportunity to rehearse the words; nevertheless, I gave it my best shot.

George (springer spaniel) spoke about how intelligent he was and how dippy Pheobe was. Lizzy spoke about how she doesn’t really like anyone as they don’t like her (a jack Russell with attitude). Phoebe spoke about food and her love of gravy (a jack Russell who would eat anything with or without gravy)! You can listen to Phoebe’s words of wisdom on my Facebook page. Click here. Finally Cathas (the cat who strongly believes he is from Spanish royalty and is a bit of a Don Juan) pretends to be so brave yet is so intimidated by Lizzie. He has been known to steal other cats’ kills which almost got him drowned. That’s another story for another book, so do watch this space!

There is a new dog on the block. He appears in yet another story. His name is
Kenny, named after Kenny Dalgleish who played for Liverpool. Kenny is a pug
dog and appears in another story where he shows his heroic side.

This is the end of my blog but do look out for my book. It should be going on sale anytime now and even if you are older than the recommended age group, you may still find time to read it and hopefully
have a giggle.

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