My Late Blog

I have had a break from blogging because I could not think of anything that would interest people to read. I am not saying this Blog will be of interest but I owe it to my mentor to write it.

When I first started writing my stories about animals communicating with each other, I created my own little family. I didn’t have an imaginary friend when I was little as some children do so this family make up for it! They are called the Peace family. Mr Peace is Eric, a retired bank manager, I liked the name Eric; years ago my doctor’s name was Erick and he was always kind. Mrs Peace was named Fenna. Her name is Dutch – it means Peace. (Do you see where this is heading?) Well, in my imagination, her parents had holidayed in Holland and, having returned home, found out that Fenna was on the way.

Of course, they had no clue that their daughter would marry a Mr Peace thereby – in English – making her Peace Peace! It could have been worse. She could have been called Zwolle which is the name of the city they had stayed in. They have a grown-up family, two boys and a girl who all have “normal” names. Their grandchildren have ordinary names too.

They are a decent family, law abiding and God-fearing, and animal loving. Fenna is on the church flower rota and takes her turn in providing a great display of flowers. She does, on the odd occasion, pick them from her own garden which Erick tends to with love and care. Well, it’s better than taking them from the recently deceased! Fenna is a bit of a snob. Erick goes along with anything she suggests and requires. Their lives revolve around the pets George, Lizzy (full name Elizabeth, after our queen), Phoebe, and not forgetting, Cathas.

I don’t want to give too much away, so when I am published, you can purchase my book and discover all the happenings in the Peace house hold.

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