Starting on the write road

My second blog is a more cheerful one. I am going to share with you just how excited I am that my first story for children will be shown as an ebook. This has been brought about by an extremely brilliant author, Eloise De Sousa of EDS Mentoring. She has been a tower of strength to me as a mentor, encouraging me to continue writing my stories about the pets we have owned. I was not convinced that I could actually write stories, even though it had been a passion to do so for years. Eloise gave me the encouragement to put pen to paper and write down the stories that had once entertained my two youngest children.

When reading stories to my eldest son I would use different accents for the different characters in the books which he appeared to enjoy, recognising each one until the end of the chapter. My two youngest children enjoyed the stories I made up. These were about the pets: three dogs and a cat – each having a different voice and an accent I thought of on the spur of the moment.

I think about the time I first met Eloise. She was walking her dog in the same area as we were walking our dog, Rodney (yes, taken from Only Fools and Horses!) in the rain. We stopped to admire each others’ dogs and exchanged a few words. We met again a couple of times and on the third time had a longer chat.

During this meeting I told her how I thought her dog Millie was talking to Rodney and what she was saying. I went on to tell her about the stories I had made up and she advised me to write them down. I protested by telling her I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. That’s when she told me she was an author herself and if I needed help, she would only be too willing to do so. From that day onwards she has been there for me. If it wasn’t for her, my first book wouldn’t be an ebook.

Yesterday she gave up her time and filmed the characters I have made. I will tell you more about them in my next blog.

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