Meet the Peace Family…

Fenna Peace has her heart set on adopting a new pet for their family, a cute little kitten from Spanish Green. Unfortunately, Eric, her husband, does not share her love for feline company.

Meet the rest of the furry family friends as they react to the antics of their Spanish-influenced cat brother, Cathas.

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Ranting Again

I don’t know what it is about people these days. Is it because I have grown older that I don’t understand their impatience or their lack of respect? I am sure people were more tolerant in the “Old days.” They were certainly more respectful as I recall or am I imagining it? I will boreContinue reading “Ranting Again”

Book Review – Cathas and the Squirrel Incident

Originally posted on Bookworm Blogger:
Title: Cathas and the Squirrel Incident Author: Tessa Bremner Genre: Children’s Fiction My Rating: ★★★★★ Source: ARC Synopsis: Catch up with the Peace family and their beloved pets as they have adventures and cause chaos for their owners. Read about Cathas, the ginger Tom, who is convinced he is Spanish and…

You may find these funny…

My book as you may have seen will be launched on Saturday 20th November. It’s called Cathas and the Squirrel Incident. I thought you may like a preview to some of what I perceive as funny snippets from this book. The Squirrel Incident is based on a true event. Our ginger tom, Cathas, did actuallyContinue reading “You may find these funny…”