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Join the Peace family as they adopt a new pet with an acute sense of humour and many tales to share.

Don’t miss out on meeting Lizzie, a Jack Russel with a East End accent and a sharp tongue that’s always ready to snap at her Spanish-influenced cat brother, Cathas.

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You may find these funny…

My book as you may have seen will be launched on Saturday 20th November. It’s called Cathas and the Squirrel Incident. I thought you may like a preview to some of what I perceive as funny snippets from this book. The Squirrel Incident is based on a true event. Our ginger tom, Cathas, did actuallyContinue reading “You may find these funny…”

The Launch

Yes, the day is almost here for the launching of my first children’s book. The day is Saturday 20thNovember 2021 which is also my birthday. I think this calls for a double celebration although I am not disclosing my age! All I will say is I am as old as my tongue and a little older thanContinue reading “The Launch”