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Join the Peace family as they adopt a new pet with an acute sense of humour and many tales to share.

Don’t miss out on meeting Lizzie, a Jack Russel with a East End accent and a sharp tongue that’s always ready to snap at her Spanish-influenced cat brother, Cathas.

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A More Cheerful Blog

I wasn’t going to write a blog this week but, my mentor, EDS, has again helped me to decide, so I will tell you all about my little book. Before you search for what could be a more interesting blog, just read on a little further you may be pleasantly surprised. “My Book” as IContinue reading “A More Cheerful Blog”


I am very slow in writing my blogs. I don’t feel I’m a very good blogger. But this blog is written from the heart and like one of my previous blogs, it’s about my friend and mentor, Eloise De Sousa. I was supposed to write this blog about my book which is almost ready for publication. I wasContinue reading “Eloise”


This blog is all about my friend and mentor, Eloise De Sousa. My children’s book, Cathas and the Squirrel Incident, is a “button being pressed” away from being published. It’s all down to Eloise. Yes, I wrote the adventures of the little ginger cat and the Peace family but she has done all the hardContinue reading “Friends”